Best laptop for school?

I’m looking to purchase a laptop for around $500 or less. I’ll only be using it for school most likely as I have a macbook. I was looking at the chromebook, but I want to be able to download microsoft word instead of using the online version.

Lmk, thanks!

Minecraft Styled Thumbails

Hey HF!

I just bought a new computer and currently don’t have CC on it so therefore I can’t make thumbnails. I’d love to see what you guys could come up with!

Here’s my channel:

I love the faded/black look, like sadboys and shit.
If you could make it look awesome like that, go for it!
Also, if you need my minecraft skin, my IGN is Warpify!

Thanks guys!

X-Ray Opacity

Hey Griefing Section,

Haven’t been active here in a while. Although this section seems to be more of a clusterfuck than ever, I would appreciate if anyone could provide some information on how they got their opacity x-ray to work in 1.8.3. I’m having issues with the new rendering system.


not cool

Mentors, in a previous thread of mine I was simply looking for help about a possible medical condition that I felt members of the lounge could help me out with identifying. I do not feel that you should be able to deprive me of medical advice. Please refrain from doing so in the future.