So, i was planning on starting to spread on Piratebay.
But whenever I try and registring onto Piratebay I never receive the registration email.

Anyone that has a solution for this or is this something thats wrong on my end?

YouTube Subs Botting Topic

Do you get paid later in the future if you have old videos but not your subs in a year or 2 and get like 100k subs. Do you get paid for the subs or YouTube knows they are botted and deny it?

Get 5 Steam CD Keys for ONLY $1.53!

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Note: Please Post to keep thread alive. Got more guides coming soon!

[Image: rueRX.png]

iOS app reversing – willing to pay

Ok first time poster so please forgive me if I do anything wrong here.

Im getting into reverse engineering iOS apps and wondered if anyone here could point me in directions of some good tutorials.

I would likewise be interested in paying someone to do some work in this area – so please PM me if you are capable of this. Oui

Wildstar F2P “This Fall”

For those of you PC gamers that don’t know there’s an ace MMO called WildStar its really fun and really addictive, The only downside I find is the payment but not to worry as this fall the game will become F2P I simply can’t wait, If you’ve never heard of it and enjoy MMO’s I suggest you get your 10 day free trial started!
Here’s a link to their website http://www.wildstar-online.com

Host a Minecraft server? Free Featured Listing on my Minecraft Server List Site

Hey fellow Hackforumers, Me and a friend have been working on a Website to List Minecraft Servers by rank and popularity that allows users to submit their own servers to generate a little publicity for themselves, for free. I was figuring I could offer you guys here on HF a free featured server listing (which is displayed on the homepage and top of server lists) since it doesn’t cost me anything anyways.

Traffic-wise, at the moment it’s extremely low, though there are a few specific search terms on Google that I’m targeting which should be easy for me to get. They are semi-widely searched and I’m confident I’ll be able to grab a spot somewhere in the top three results in the within a couple weeks. Within a couple days you should start seeing a nice increase in click-overs, especially being a featured server.

If anyone here on Hackforums would like to add their server, we just released the site (we are still making appearance and functionality upgrades/changes) but everything works as intended. (Although a little sloppy.)

List your server here: Best Minecraft Servers
and send me a PM afterwards with a link or the name of the server you submitted.

Using a fake or throw-away email to list a server is fine with me, I’ll be occasionally refreshing the admin panel to approve your guys emails if you can’t be bothered to click the activation link (or used a fake email) to submit.

Hope this helps some of you make a little extra money with your server, thanks for reading