Definition of Quality

I always read on hackforums, and what do I see you ask, a common used word, however not really described fully.

“High Quality” “Quality” “Low Quality”. When someone describes something as a quality awnser, low or high what does that really mean to you?

I wan’t to here your answer HF, not the definition or some pasted answer. It might be me, or do people just throw this word around without actually knowing their own meaning behind it? Tell me what you believe a Quality Post, or Thread, Anything that revolves around HF that is deemed a quality value.

School Cannot Take Action

So I have a teacher who is cussing at some of the kids in my grade, and he told one student that he’d be better off dropping out. I recorded the teacher saying these things and brought it to the principal, and he just told me that he can’t use the video as evidence to fire the teacher because it’s against school policy to record in class. He then warned me that if I’m caught in class recording again, he’d confiscate my phone for the rest of the year, and give it back in my senior year. How do I go about getting this teacher caught?

Not feeling accepted

*Forewarning, some of the things in this post may make me come across as an arrogant deuce, that isn’t the case*

I don’t really know what to title this post, but I don’t feel accepted in my life. I’m a guy, 16, more attractive than average, (I’ve been told by a couple girls that I’m, “model material”), I’m athletic and tall. I’m also very intelligent, empathetic, and mature. Yet I don’t really have friends. I socialize in school and I talk to people, yet I have 3 friends, 2 of which don’t go to my school that I hardly see, and the other one has a girlfriend, so I never really see him outside of school. Girls also pay very little attention to me, which makes no sense to me at all considering my physical appearance, all the other “hot” guys at my school have girls all over them, and it’s not like I have a shitty personality. I play video games and I edit CoD frag movies for fun, and I’m pretty much on my computer whenever I’m not at school, working out, or sleeping. That’s my shitty life.

This is totally the kind of thing that any sensible human being would go to a therapist about, but I feel like I don’t belong in the world, especially my generation. I almost want to say I feel that I’m BETTER than everyone my age. I’ve had 2 “relationships” In my life, both of which were some of the only times I’ve felt happiness, and I feel like the only thing in life that I want right now is companionship…I feel too old for my age and don’t know what to do with myself.

A Comprehensive Guide For New Years Eve

With a new year fast approaching I really wanted to drop a few helpful pointers before all the madness begins. It’s no surprise that almost all of us are thinking into the future with high hopes, and new aspirations. While most will likely spend their final moments of 2014 being joyous and cheery with close friends, family, and loved ones. A solitary few, will likely be spending the new years eve by themselves, utterly alone. These pathetic souls will no doubt be realizing their entire life has been a giant waste, and that the new year brings nothing ‘new’ to their life. Fear not lonely socially impaired individual, because I’ve got five suggestions that’ll probably make this new year no different – from any other day that you’re completely alone, and without a soul mate to hold you close or love you for eternity.

1.) It’s okay if you weren’t invited to that awesome New Years party they’ve held at your job for the last 10 years – because you’ll save everyone the embarrassment of being around your awkward personality.

2.) Drinking by yourself is a nice way to reflect on just how terrible your life really is; Then the next morning you can go to work, and bottle all your feelings of depression and sadness deep down for 365 more days, every single year, until you die.

3.) Don’t think to hard about a resolution, or anything that could possibly bring you a sense of peace, love, and lifelong fulfillment.

4.) Take a nice long look in the mirror as the ball drops, before you come to the realization that your unbearable presence puts a damper on everyone, even yourself.

5.) Sit in an empty room, and continue refreshing your HF posts, and feel an unusually enormous amount of joy every time someone posts in your thread.

A quick question for you all

i don’t know where this would go but here i go….

Okay so recently i’ve taken a liking to HF and i really want to show caring for the site and i want to become a l33t but to do that i need to pay with bitcoin or PP. Now i have a tad bit of a conundrum i don’t have a PP and i have no idea how i obtain bitcoin and use it, it’s really starting to bug me that i can’t give back to the site because i really want to help out. so if anyone can point me in the right direction please do.

P.S: i want the bitcoin almost instantly if that’s possible.

Have 22,000$ to invest

Im looking for someone who wants to partner up to make some money.
You’ll need:
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[Image: 5501851176b36cda7394e27c1c8ee246.png]