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today ill be doing free layer 7 dstats.
Hit me a PM and ill send you the site link you”ll need to hit, than ill send you a screen of the power..


Can’t Upgrade to 8.2

Sup folks, got an iPhone 5 trying to upgrade it from iOS 8.1.3 to 8.2 Beta 2, downloaded the correct IPSW file quite a few times and got the latest version of iTunes.

I connect the iPhone, hold ship and click on Check for Update, select the correct IPSW but every damn time it turns out with a iTunes 3194 error.
I checked my hosts file, it’s clear, I switched computers, I re-installed iTunes/Downgraded it, nothing seems to fucking work.

So, help me out please.

Android Studio Developer

Hi everyone, I have built one Android Application in Eclipse and I have made changes to work with it on Android Studio.

And now I’m working in this second application, and I need someone to help me out in some coding, I am having few errors issues that I can’t solve for myself.
Also if you have graphic skills is a plus.

With this, we can have a longterm partnership and make alots of money. I can also help you out with any applications ideas that you my have.

We will start Monday, this weekend I’m busy and I may only be online in my smartphone.

Thanks, happy birthday to me Black Hat


I installed Microsoft ToolKit from their official(?) site( yesterday and omniboxes installed by itself.There was no “check to install omniboxes” radio button or anything and some other backup software although i uninstalled it.

Yesterday my homepage was replaced with omniboxes’s search so i went to chrome’s settings and set it to the new tab window and carried on with my day.

Today it showed their page again on startup and after googleing how to delete it and doing the steps i thought the problem was fixed.

I booted up my pc and it showed the same page.
What i have tried doing:
Run malwarebytes;
Run Eset Smart Security;
Restart chromium;
and nothing fixed the problem.

If anyone had the same problem please message me.