NBA 2K15 Jordan RC


Hey, Guys I’m looking for 3 More People for JRC

HMU If you wanna play

Skype: Kingjordan187
GT: Jordan Bibby
Or Just post Here your GT and Your position and height

Current Position Taken

PG: ByPoe 6’7
SF: Jordan Bibby 7’0

Really Looking for Big Mans that can get Rebounds REBOUNDS ARE KEY But as long as your good Your welcome to play.

Need Help with PC Monitor and Xbox 360 Headset hook Up

Hello HF Idk if Im just stupid or what but I cannot seem to figure out how to hook up my triton headset to my HDMI PC monitor. I have my Xbox hooked up through HDMi on the monitor and the monitor has to audio ports on it, a green one and a black one. I have basically tried everything but can’t seem to figure it out.

Monitor- Benq

Model- GL2460

Headset- Triton

Model- Halo Edition

Please help anyone who knows I would appreciate it a lot thanks!

Looking to buy instagram shoutouts

Hey guys I’m looking to grow my textposts account so I am buying shoutouts. If you have a textposts stat that would be better as I would gain more. PM me your prices and info if you are willing to sell some shoutouts. Black Hat