For mrHYDE

It wont let me reply to your PM regarding the Graphic you would be willing to make for me, unfortunately, is there some other way we would be able to talk?
e.g send me your skype or something similar through a pm?


VPNs which say they don’t log, but do?

Is this something that happens without law enforcement involved? Guess it might be illegal if it is US-based because you’d be deceiving your customers but most VPNs aren’t US-based.

I mean ones like Private Internet Access, AirVPN, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, IPVanish, Mullvard, et cetera.


Hey guys, im looking to sell my picture pack I made to pick up a little extra money to buy a new computer. I’ll get a thread design done soon but for now you’re just going to have to deal with this for the time being.



This pack is super unsaturated, not even I have used it yet. Unlike some other packs, im not looking for a ridiculous price.

Price: $10 BTC or Paypal

I’ll be giving 1 vouch copy to an UBER member if they want one. First come first serve.

I know there are tons of packs with the name “Rachel” but this isn’t a knock off, they’re all new pictures, a new pack as a whole.


Chargeback = instant scam report
BTC from all Paypal from trusted.

Microsoft Edge browser impressions

The new microsoft edge browser IMO is very fast and quite nice to use, I feel as if they have really come a long way since the days of internet explorer and people will have a hard time deciding which to use like myself.

Compared to google chrome I think that edge has a very good and well designed layout however does not have the sort of advanced settings or extensions that chrome has which is why I will be sticking to chrome.
But edge is a very very nice browser and I would use it personally if they had the extension store such as chrome with ublock etc.

Post your thoughts below

Any Free stresser API Managers?

i really need one i got the site and servers setup now all i need is that dumb api if you can help me out reply pm or add my skype which is st.exe thanks for taking your time to read this :)

i’m a moron lol

look at my bank account, i never worked in my life.

i laugh when i read the guys here

i have a house cost 250k , my grand father have 130k insurance life
friend of my mom have 3 houses and lot of money lol
he will donate 70% of his estate when he die

so go buy bitcoins lol