Looking for a linux “hacker game” I once started to play


A few years ago, I stumbled over kind of a “hacker game” where you had to solve some linux riddles — mostly security holes — in order to find a password to su to the nexte level. It started wit a hidden file in the /dev tree, eventually involved exploiting some race condition and had a riddle where you had to spoof a udp packet. Even back then, the spoofed udp packets were caught by internet providers so that the admins gave the advice to email the C code of the packet spoofing in order to allow access to the next level.

However, I forgot the address of that tutorial game.

Does anyone know this and remember the address?



Black Hat

Gaming groups

I recently bought another Xbox one and I was looking to get into some popular/active gaming groups. What are some popular ones on fb? I’m trying to be legit this time around . not gonna deal with console ban . I’m literary buying Netflix and hulu . no more borrowed accounts cause I think that’s why I got ban last time.

Great English

Hi! I’m in search for a partner who would basically be copying news from Google and changing words to make the article look unique.

The site would be: wea.rs

Thank you.

OCER/EDEXCEL/AQA exam board logins

A mate of mine has his gcse’s coming up and i was curious if it were possible to obtain these exam board logins to see the 2015 paper he’s going to sit/mark scheme. Let me know if this is possible!

Royal API

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