Log in as anyone – server hack


I want to share with you my recent discovery, which is pretty huge. There is one server that is completely exploitable and you can log-in as anyone.
Reason I am giving this is that the owner is abusive and gives 0 fucks about community. There are only one “active” admin, and most of the time he just /afk on join and then quits after a while, without responding to complains. Just look the /ver (server is roughly 200 versions outdated).


Steps to log-in as anyone: (Tested with weepcraft)

1. Open two minecraft windows. Choose one random username and connect.
2. In second window, choose username you want to hack and connect. The user must be online!
3. Then, count to 5 and rejoin. If the users rejoin faster and you get kicked you have to try again and be patient.
4. If you have rejoined, wait till the original user joins and kicks you.
5. In the first window, watch for the message X has joined the game.
6. As fast as you can, connect again and you are in! But you most probably will have to deal with the user fighting back, but you can do /op <nick> when you join as admin.

And the IP is mc.naffarin.cz

PS: At the moment it seems like someone has raided there and whitelist is up, but I doubt they will fix the issue property. Try join one hour later

Greetings and enjoy.

Google Chrome Infected

Hey guys,

So today, within a software tool, a Chrome based ad-network virus was installed. I have done all the standard procedures and would love if someone could come on Teamviewer and remove it for me.

I would really appreciate it.

Kind Regards,



I wanna buy the crypter but I have a few questions, let’s keep ┬┤em quick and dirty :

– any restriction if I wanna buy via PP?
– I assume that the lifetime option keeps me updated so that my file stays FUD as time goes by?
– if I wanna test my file, I have to do it thru ur site so I won’t fuck things up for everyone else, am I right?

No, yes, yes would be kinda perfect.

Sorry for posting here, can’t on the marketplace since I’m new here. Sorry for my english, Not my first language.


Paypal got limited, any chances?

Hi. My fake paypal just got limited. Is there any chances to get it unlimited? I know that some guys is buying limited paypal accounts, so is there any chances? Like i said, its fake paypal.

Sorry when it is wrong section.


Selling working credit cards
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Selling Hacking methods
Selling databases
PM me if interested I am legit. :D

[E-WhorePack] |Over 700 pics|6 Videos| 5$ ONLY

I’ve now decided to sell this package


The full size is 0.5GB so I will put a download link to MediaFire through payivy.com.
Included – 700+ pics and with 2 videos of her playing with herself, also 4 videos with her sucking the D of someone.

I have also been sorting everything in diffrent folders (personal preference) you will get both maps in the download anyways. Click HERE for example


Scammed by dealmeida | UID 454945 | $20

Dealmeida created a thread for his english homework. We PM’ed him, got the job, and both parties agreed with time frame, mechanics, and payment.

We finished writing his paper and sent it to him. I also included my PP email so he can send us the payment once he reads it.

On the day after, he still didn’t send the payment. I checked his profile to see when was his last login and found out that he logged in 2 hours prior to my checking. I gave him a chance thinking that he may be busy, so I waited for a few more days and sent him a PM regarding our transaction saying,

“Hello sir when you will be paying? Because if you dont respond within 24hours I will open a scam report. Thank you.”

I checked his profile everyday to know if he logged in or not. He didn’t log in for 3-4 days until today. Then I received a message saying

“Sorry man, I was only able to come here today :(
Unfortunately I didn’t ended up using your essay, my teacher changed his mind and gave us themes to each one of us and mine was about football clothing.
I know you spent your time with me and I should’ve pay you for that, but since I didn’t used the essay I thought I shouldn’t pay you : ”

I just want to make it clear that we have fulfilled our part of the transaction and have accomplished it in the time frame given. The job had to be done in 3 hours, so we had to set aside our other commitments for it. I think we deserve to be paid even if his teacher had change the mechanics of their homework because this was done AFTER we have finished writing and sending his project to him.

Here’s a picture of our conversation.