Stars and SNS broken accounts

Hello,I’m new here and hoping we’ll get along:)

Actually I’m curious about something…why hackers do love to break into stars’ SNS? Mostly Twitter but from I’ve heard Instagram is the most vulnerable. For example,Korean pop idols get their IG accounts hacked once a month if not more often. I pity them TBH.
Now back to the real original question…is that easy to hack an account? Why it happens so often and why do the hackers hope to achieve? Fame? Dirty secrets?Unsure

Reasons why I am planning to leave/make a pause of HF

A lot of you don’t know me, I am not very popular here, but I think it is time to give my review of the forum and why I should leave it.

It is not a very long text, but I decided to spare it into different parts.

Why I came:

Good things:

Bad things:

Why I am thinking to leave:

TL;DR; I need more time and I no longer relate to most HF people.


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Selling LVL 125 acc with lvl 10 walls :) TH 9

Hi guys ill sell my TH 9 account because i do not have the time to play on it. I was playing coc since over 1 year now.


Im looking for around 500$ (the account has 6500+ gems left over :))

And im looking for Bitcoins!

Here are some pics :
(warning: big images!)

Raw Base:

Profil 1:

Profil 2:

Profil 3:

The account has a gold grap over 680 mio gold! Which is not botted. (i only botted for donations ;))

I love to hear your toughs :)

Cya Black Hat

How do most IRC bots work?

I’m curious how most IRC bots work, specifically these “perl bots” everyone is talking about.
In all honestly, I’m way too lazy to look through the source code and would like someone to simply break it down for me.
From what I understand, this is how they work:

– An exploit is used to breach the machine in question and malware is installed.
– Said malware connects to the C&C server and joins a preset channel, usually setting its nickname to contain information about the compromised machine such as it’s operating system.
– Once in a channel, the malware listens for commands. If it recognizes a command, it checks if the user who initiated the command has sufficient privileges e.g. if they’re an administrator and if they are then perform the task that corresponds with the command.

Is that it? Or is there other stuff to it as well?
Anything I missed out on or should know about?
Additionally, what are the pros and cons of using desktop computers as bots vs using rooted servers? Thanks for your help.

EDIT: Also, what’s all the fuss about bots written in perl? What makes perl better than C?