Boosting Silvers for free

Hello HF, I’m willing to boost silvers. I’m plat 4 main but i’m bored of playing that elo so i’m going to play on my smurf which is currently gold 5 anyone want to play.


So i have been on this forum quite a while, and i just want to say that this is the worst forum i have been on all my life.
The monetizing methods are a scam, all the l33t and ub3rs are 13 year old skids that will neg you for the dumbest reason and booting is for little fag nerds, its not cool.

Bye all, won’t waste any more time of my life on this shit.

18k unique monthly! READ!

So i have a website with 18000 UV and 120000 Page views monthly and i earn around 300$ with adsense. How can i make more with other strategies. Maybe Affiliate marketing i just don’t know.

[Discussion] Things to do with someone’s IP

Hello HF,
I just got back into hacking after around a year and fished my friend’s IP address using

I was thinking of things to do with his IP so I decided to make this thread to get some ideas and help new members.

I DoS’d him for around 10 mins and am now trying to find his router’s home page.
Is there any software which can try different ports and find out his router’s homepage ?

HF Unofficial Gaming Skype Group / All Consoles / Come Chat!

Will update the thread in the future for now ill keep it short.

The chat is for strictly gaming so don’t come in talking off-topic about e-whoring but talking in general is fine like “Just woke up fucking dog barking” or some shit.

[Image: OFSNDvc.png]

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