Hey, I am getting into this whole botnet type of deal.

What is scanning for on a server? I always see threads like Scanning for server? or something like that. What does it mean?



Hey there!

I want to R.A.T someone (send them a download link) they’ve already agreed to it thinking it’s a compilation of different gaming montages and he wants to review it. What program do I use and where could I find a good crypter?

eWhoring on twitch kinda (using vcw)

So I have this idea of where your like pretending to be a girl gamer on twitch, and you know girls get more attention when they are gaming.

so you would have to go to a cam girl for like 7 days, and have them give you like some vcw’s. why 7 days? well if you do it often people would think you dont change, and worse be a fake?

second thing would have to have a voice changer or a pack of sounds saying “thanks for the follow”,”thanks for the donation” etc.

if you guys have any more ideas, I would like to see what you guys got

track a turned off phone?!

help me track a turned off phone one of my friends brothers went missing…..
the phone is turned off or is dead and nobody knows what happened to him….
anything we can do?

Turning 20 in 20 minutes

Title says it all, I work 40+ hours a week and honestly I didn’t think I was going to make it to 20. 1 more year and I can legally buy alcohol, can’t believe it. Just wanted to say thanks for everyone on HF giving me something to do while at work and making my stay enjoyable. I have met some pretty good guys on here, going to finish my workout and smoke a bowl at 12:00 who will light up with me? Hehe

C++ Source Code

Hey guys ,
my name is Füry and this is my first thread at this forum.
Id like to see how a crypter works in C ++ . I know how to code a bit but wanna see how it looks like.
Searched this Forum for hours found nothing.
Google wont give me decent search results.
Anyone can provide me a simple crypter source (not the one from this other thread. Its like nothing).
There are so much for VB but aint gotta have thos C++ crypter source codes.
Would be very nice if someone can give a good link. thx guys

see ya later
jack slater
the baiter
crip blood waiter