Looking for donations to start trading. Becoming a young entrepreneur!

(I’m terribly sorry in advance if this post or section is inappropriate)

Hello everyone. It is no secret that I am ambitious and I want to become someone in a long run. I am only 18 years old but I already have big plans and necessary knowledge to make it happen, but what I am truly lacking is a better financial situation to actually get on a path to become a true young entrepreneur. My plan is to trade currency pairs in forex marketplace but to do that and to make more than a few pennies I need bigger initial investment. I promise, if given the chance I succeed, I will then donate a slice of my winnings with those in need or repay the donators. Please help me become a successful and happy young businessman by supporting me on my venture towards success. :)

If you would like to contact me before making a donation, you are very welcome.
Skype: kulpavicius6
Email: kulpavicius6@hotmail.com

This is my campaign link: http://www.gofundme.com/v4v45u8

Windows server 2012 remote connections

At my work we’re running a server in our local network. We use remote desktop connection to login on this server and do our work. The problem is that there is a maximum of 2 remote connections allowed. Does anyone know a work around for this? We really must log in to the server due the software that’s installed on it, it’s not like that just file browsing is enough.

Crash an iPhone

Copy and paste the following message into a new iMessage and send it to whoever you feel like tormenting

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Domain Appraisal

I have a domain registered at @ namecheap.
The domain is: csgotrading.net
I’m pretty sure I can sell this for a decent amount of cash. I know csgo trading sites are getting pretty popular and I know people want to start their own up. I just don’t know what price range I should sell this for?