Highly Ambitious Money Making Team


I have a valuable money making method and I have no doubt that if I can gather a small team of likeminded individuals, we can make serious bank. Script kiddies, please stay away.

There will be only one goal for my team: to make as much money as fast as we possibly can.

This is for people who are truly serious about wanting to make money. I am searching for 5 to 8 people who are ambitious and skilled at what they do. You must have experience in at least one of the following areas:

  1. Hacking websites
  2. RAT’ing
  3. Spreading on a mass scale

Backtrack/Kali Linux experience with Metasploit is a big plus. If you’re interested, leave your Skype name below.


Hello fellow people! I am currently selling a server!

Survival Games:

SG lobbies, maps, and plugins fully setup.
All ranks and permissions setup.
Fancy MOTD (click here for picture)
Custom SG prefixes & chat format.

If you want to have me setup an amazing SG server for you, PM me your Skype and we can discuss the customization you want put in! Price: $50 PAYPAL ONLY!
Only PM me if you’re really going to buy it and no BS please, thanks!

Once you tell me all you want put in and your ideas, I will work on them ASAP!
The server should be ready no longer than 5 business days (Monday – Friday).

Can anyone help me rank up?

I was GNM and I got unranked due to vacation.

When I got my rank back, it put me to SEM.

It takes me a pretty good win streak to rank up.

I need people who can help me rankup, I solo que alot and its just so bad

For example on Cache, lets boost in our spawn and wait for them to come to us.

My last game was a kid who said he was “Eagle with 3 stripes” and was using a deagle and rushing long on Dust 2.

I want to get back to GNM-MG1 so I can solo que with serious players.

Before you say “Don’t do it, you won’t be able to handle it.” I can handle playing with people who are in LE and LEM.

Yo mamma….

Hey guys I decided to make this just to get some good laughs in so all comment your favourite or best “yo mamma joke”

Mine: Yo mamma so old I told her act her own age and the bitch died. xD


i need socks, mainly socks5 and they have to be in the united states, pm me if you have them.

Whose Better?

Who is better? (in your opinion explain why)

1. Michael Jordan
2. Lebron James
3. Kobe Bryant
4. Dwight Howard
5. Shaquille O’Neal
6. Magic Johnson
7. Larry Bird
8. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
9. Stephen Curry
10. Russell Westbrook
11. Blake Griffin

also if you don’t like anyone on here explain why too.

How to disable back up files option?

Hi guys, I don’t know if i’m in the right section but well I’d like to know how to disable the back up files option and to manage that windows does not prevent me about back up option like I don’t want windows to tell me that I should do a back up etc.It’s actually taking a lot of space.Thank you in advance =)

r9 295×2

Why do people not recommand the r9 295×2 anymore? In becnhmarks it out permers 980ti and titan x in 80% of games